User Interface Tests


An early movement and navigation test for the Titanfall menu system


An pain animation test for Titanfall  (this was to indicate the player taking damage)


Mocking up the Heads Up DIsplay, and how it would transition from the Titan cockpit to the players visor.

Also and early attempt at the Smart Pistol targeting system. 


User Interface concepts


Loadout design V1
This is from way back before we even had a name for the new game.
Curved HUD concept
An early concept for the Titanfall Heads Up Display
early cockpit pov concept
Exploring the mood Inside a titan
cockpit HUD mockups
Trying a few different treatments and styles for the HUD.
atlas_cockpit concept
Pre-visualization for taking damage while in a Titan.
Hangar menu mockup
Layout and style exploration
Left side mockup
More layout and style exploration
Horizontal menu mockup
Going for a different layout with this. It looked a bit like a DVD menu. Remember those?
Shaken not stirred
Trying something a little more stylized for the menu look.
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Iconography and graphic design

Modern Warfare 2 Perk Icons
You want perks? We got perks.
imc logos page
Some faction insignia designs
faction logo sheet
More faction insignia
Burn card pack concepts
Designs for potential burn card packs for Titanfalls Black Market.
a whole lotta icons
We went through a lot of designs before settling on what is in the shipped game
Rank Icon concepts
These are just a few of many
All the cards
Art for the in game burn cards
killcard concepts
There is a little fly-out information box that appears onscreen when you die in the game. These are some of the designs for it
gen chip concepts
Concepts for the Level up Icons in Titanfall.
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Product Branding

mc mockups 2
We worked with Mad Catz on the designs for their Titanfall keyboards, mice, and headsets.
Titanfalll turtle beach XOfour
A headset design for Turtle Beach.
Xbox-One mockup 01
Once upon a time there was going to be a limited edition Titanfall Xbox one. This was one of the first sketches from our side.
Staying within the first theme we established , I came up with these. And we collaborated with Microsoft from there.
Xbox final product
Hey Mom! I got to work on the design for this! I won't take full credit. It was great working with the design people from Microsoft.
This design didn't make it to the finish line. (See what I did there?) I keyed off the controller design for this. t was a lot of fun doing the design either way.
modernwarfare2 xbox
This was a simple design. It was fun to riff on the little details with the other guys at Infinity Ward.
the other side of the 360 design
Yes I found these pictures on the internet. Mine's currently in a box for safekeeping.
Another angle.
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