Concept Art: Characters

mm concept
Some splash art for what might have been
mm_concept 02
Before we were making Titanfall we were considering making another game.
This was some splash art.
Playing with character archetypes.
An early character sketch.
security android
This was a"What if" design. Throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what might stick.
Another "What if" design
Pilot concepts
Exploring some different looks for characters.
more pilot conepts
More character style exploration.
Barker Concept
This guy wasn't originally planned as being Barker. It just happened that way.
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Concept Art: Settings and Evnironments

Skyscraper creatures
Believe it or not, at one point we had no clue what type of game we were going to make.
This is a concept from that time.
floating city
Another early concept for...something
This was a concept for what was at the time called Made Men.
boarding party
Concept for an outer space boarding party.
canyon terraform
Another early concept.
Someplace green. OH look is that a titan?
swamp v2
Another take on the swamp. This one was less "On the nose"
Outpost 21
Something I did for fun.
Very sketchy. very early concept.
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Concept Art: Vehicles

Asymmetrical ship sketches
Thumbnail sketches for various space craft
Ships shapes
More small sketches of ship silhouettes
Brick ship sketches
Small sketches for the hero ship.
brick ship cutaway
Fleshing out one of the designs for the "Brick Ship"
Mos cruiser
This was fun, but a bit cartoony.
Battle cruiser concept
fighter concepts
Drop ship concept
drop ship
ehhh maybe not
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Concept art: Creatures

fire and smoke elementals
From when we were all coming up with ideas for the game.
There were a lot more creatures planned in the beginning. We decided to focus on the big robots and the wall running instead.
Eels 1
An eel creature for the swamp level that never was.
Eel 2
Eel creature for the swamp level.
Sketches for flying creatures
flyer concepts 2
Concepts for flying creatures in the Titanfall universe.
flyer pose study
Showing how this guy might look in different poses.
flyer detail
Surface study for the flyer creature in Titanfall.
Flyer head detail
A close up of the flyers head.
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